About Us



After decades in the greatest city (NYC) in the world, Brett and Yvonna Wright did what many American families have done, sort of.   They packed up their Harlem Brownstone and moved the family out of the city in search of a simpler way of life.  They never imagined their search for the perfect property would lead them to a nearly 200-year-old fixer upper farmhouse on five acres of land, just 20 miles outside of New York City.  But, it  turned out to be the perfect find for Yvonna, Brett and their two young daughters, Lola and Marley for whom the farm is named after.  Brett (an entrepreneur and publisher) was immediately drawn to the business of running a farm, while his beautiful wife Yvonna (an actress and former soap opera star) fell in love with the old barn which she would like to turn into a yoga studio and community theater.  Knowing little to nothing about farming and committed to working the projects themselves, the Wrights are determined to restore their old farm into the beautiful property it once was, and everyone’s got a job in the family business.  From tilling and planting their new garden, to scooping up chicken poop, to helping make and market their beautiful hand poured beeswax candles, there’s never a dull moment, and always work to be done.  But, at the end of the day what the Wright’s enjoy most is family time and getting back to the basics...

All of our candles, except for the ones that are 100% beeswax, are hand made with a blend of  pure beeswax, all natural coconut oil and all natural unbleached shea butter.  We use only non-toxic paper wicks and they omit a light natural honey scent. We have formulated these candles for the longest burn time provided you follow these instructions.  Keep wick trimmed to 1/4 inch, do not burn more than 3 hours at a time, keep out of drafts or winds, burn on level surface.  Price does not include shipping and handling.  Thanks for your support.